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Stump Removal in Melbourne

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Tree Stump Removal - Stump Grinding Melbourne

Whether it’s for a home, business, government or non-government organisation, Redback Tree Services provides a complete range of tree care services throughout the Bayside and South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Trimming, Lopping, Removals, Stumps... We do it all!

Tree removals

If you have a tree or trees that are unhealthy, unsafe, a danger to your foundations or underground pipes, or simply in the way of a planned extension, Redback Tree Services can safely remove the tree or trees for you.

Tree lopping, tree trimming and tree pruning

Most trees benefit from professional removal of branches. It can encourage new growth, increase the amount of sunlight that reaches your garden or house and improve the health of the trees. In other cases, parts of a tree can be removed that are storm damaged or dead, or are risk of falling on your house.

Arborist services

Are you concerned about trees, shrubs or plants on your property? Perhaps they are looking unhealthy or you’re worried about the safety of yourself and your home. Redback Tree Services are professionally trained arborists and can examine your plants and provide recommendations and advice to you.

Stump removal and stump grinding

Unsightly and sometimes unsafe stumps (they can attract pests such as termites and can be a tripping hazard) can be removed completely or ground down to below the surface level using our specialist equipment. You can then plant over or pave where the stump was.

Tree, shrub and hedge pruning

If you’re struggling to keep up with growth in your garden, let Redback Tree Services do the job for you. Our rates are competitive and we can provide a free quote.

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